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GI JOE vs Cobra: Wave 4

A few shots and comments about this current wave.

The Good Guys:

Dart,Wild Bill,Duke,and ShipWreck



  Dart is certainly the best Joe out of this assortment.  The entire figure is absolutely awesome.  Just exactly what the line needs,more ethnic characters.  However,it would have been nice to have a knife or something to put in his scabbard.  Oops,the first Dart was missing his knife,the second one I opened had his in the scabbard. 
  Wild Bill....well,what can I say.  Looks like someone made the Joe team's barber upset!  He really looks better with the hat on.  And,I must admit the two six-shooters really add to the personality of this figure.


  Now,I really don't know what to make of the SEAL type helmet that came with Duke.  While the figure is great,this helmet kinda throws it off a bit.  I guess,I'll toss it into the Spy Gear accessories later.  What is really strange is the fact that Duke is the only figure that has added articulation.  His wrist can swivel and he can move at the ankles.
  Finally a figure of ShipWreck that screams Bad @$$!  This is a great likeness to his Devils Due version.  You have to watch the handgun with the silencer...mine was almost broke when I took it out of the package.

The Bad Guys:

Ripper,BAT,C.L.A.W.S.,and Neo-Viper



Funny how the Neo-Viper's rifle looks right at home with the Snow Serpent!


  Clearly the best two figures in the entire assortment:Ripper and the BAT.
  I can't wait to see more Dreadnoks if they are given the same treatment,that Ripper received.  It's the attention to details,like the 'nok tattoo that pushes this figure over the edge.
  When I first heard about the lack of articulation in the BAT's biceps,I was kinda worried.  However,once he was out of the package,he was destroying Joes left and right.  This BAT is a welcomed addition to my troops.





  I thought that Ripper wouldn't be Ripper without anything to ...err..."rip" with.  So I made a quick cast of the blade from his old rifle and added it to his new one.
  Below you can see the new Zartan/Dreadnok logo-tattoo on Ripper's arm.


Hasbro keeps cranking out great figures wave after wave.  Each one better than the previous wave.  Are the figures perfect?  Hell,no!  But,then again that gives them something to reach for.  The day Hasbro stops improving the products,is the day they stop caring about the buyers.  Young and old alike.  Thanks Hasbro and thank you are a Real American Hero!