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The Haunt

Here are a few photos of the alleged haunted house that some friends and I visited.  It's known as,the Andrew Jackson house.  If Andrew ever resided here,I do not know.  However,from the little history that we have heard,the house was involved with slavery.  On the first night,my friends went by themselves.  Equipt with just a Sony camcorder with nightvison(or whatever it's called),they caught some tiny balls flying around them.  The evening ended when they were in one room and heard a hissing sound.  They looked back,to see the door that they had entered had closed.  They ran out like a bunch of school girls.  It wasn't until my visit that I saw why,the door can not be shut!  Two of us tried to shut this door,and it keeps hanging in one spot.  When I entered the house I could definitely feel a change in atmosphere,and temperature.  This may have been a beautiful house once.  However,three mysterious fires have greatly damaged it and added to the spookiness.


This was an article that was in a newspaper found inside the house.  We couldn't get a good look at it,to tell what year it was published in.


ABOVE: I nearly $hit myself when I saw this photo.  To the left of the door is the image of a woman.  It looks like she is wearing a long coat with her hands in the pockets.


This is a photo of the outside of the house.  There are several pictures of balls of light above and moving around the sides of the house.  This one caught a strange mist in the lower-right hand corner,with what looks like a face in it.


ABOVE: Another shot of the house.  After looking at it for a while I decide to magnify it and take a closer look.  The image that the arrow is pointing to looks like a skeleton pulling a body.
BELOW: An enlarged picture of the image.



Several of the pictures displayed dots(some may call these "orbs").  I pretty much beleive them to be dust particles.  However,the one to the right caught my attention.  It looks like it has a face!
BELOW: An enlarged image.


So believe what you may.  Some may not see the things in these photos,and think that they are the things I think they are...or were.  We have been back there since and saw some other distrubing things.  One of my friends brought his digital camera along.  In one picture,there appears to be blood running along and down the fireplace mantle.  And,all of them claim to have seen the image of a little blue girl in the flash,a couple of times when someone takes a photo...I have yet to see her.